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Terms & Conditions



By accessing this site and using its services, you unconditionally agree with the Terms & Conditions. You agree to comply with the terms that govern the use of this site and its services and that also govern all information provided by you and other users. If you do not agree to all or any of the terms, please do not use this site.



I. Definitions

Applicant: An individual applying for an Iran visa

Form: Iran Visa Application Form

Iran: Islamic Republic of Iran (I.R. Iran)

Liana: Liana Parvaz Pars, a tour and travel agency company established in Iran

MFA: The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs



II. Company Liability

A) Privacy

Liana’s policy is to protect the privacy of its clients and the confidentiality of the information and documents they provide. Be assured that we will not disclose personal information to third parties without consent.

B) Processing Time

Liana will process requested services as soon as the applications are received and paid. Visa processing times quoted by Liana are approximations based on normal circumstances and are deemed reliable but are not guaranteed. Liana is not responsible for processing times and for the actions or inaction of the MFA, Embassy, Consular and/or officials and personnel.


C) Financial Transactions

Credit card transactions are processed through one of the major third-party credit card processing companies. All information is encrypted and is used only to complete the appropriate transactions.


D) Change of Terms and Conditions

Liana reserves the right to expand and/or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time.


E) Processing Procedure and Fees

Liana charges each applicant a visa processing fee. The entrance fee is different and is collectable by the government while you are in the Iranian embassy, consulate or international airports in Iran. Entrance fees may change based on governmental agreements, political situations and Liana is not responsible for any changes.

Fees related to the processing of visas by the consulates are subject to change without notice. Changes may include, but are not limited to, changes in embassy or consulate fees, processing procedures, application forms and documentation required for visa issuance. Liana is not responsible for such changes or for any loss or delay relating to such changes.

Liana reserves the right to decline processing of documents for any reason, including but not limited to incomplete documentation, insufficient processing time, and degree of difficulty in procuring documents due to purpose of travel. Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession. Liana is not liable for any change or cancelation fee regarding other purchased travel services.

F) Cancellation and Refund Policy

If the applicant cancels their visa application, there will be no refund available for visa processing fee. This policy applies to all visa applications.

If the visa application is rejected, there will be no refund for visa processing fee. This policy applies to all visa applications.

Liana will not be responsible for any loss or delay caused by uncontrolled and unpredictable events, including weather conditions, war, strikes, civil commotions and acts of God.

For American applicants who need a tourist guide and travel bookings as part of their visa application procedure, there will be a minimum 15% cancellation fee after the invoice for travel bookings is paid. In case there is any cancellation fee for the hotels, flight tickets, guide, etc., those cancellation fees will also be deducted before a refund is arranged.


G) Additional Information and/or Interview

Liana is not responsible for the actions or inaction of the MFA, Embassy, Consulate and/or officials and personnel. The MFA, Embassies and Consulates reserve the right to request revised or additional documentation and/or an interview. The applicant must comply with the request(s) before the visa process can continue. Liana is not responsible for the applicant’s failure to comply which will result in rejection of the application.

H) Visa Rejection

While Liana aims to facilitate the visa process for the applicant, it is not responsible for the actions and inactions of the MFA, Embassies and Consulates and/or officials and personnel. They reserve the right to reject a visa application without disclosing the reason. Liana is not responsible for the rejection or any changes and fees as a result of it.



III. Applicant Liability

A) Accuracy of Information

The applicant is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of any and all information submitted in the form. Even if someone else helped in completing the application, the applicant must review all information before submission. Liana is not responsible for incomplete or incorrect information which may lead to the rejection of the application.

You can change or modify your application information at any time by using your email address and visa processing code. This approach guaranties safety of your information. Immediately report any unauthorized use of your email address and visa processing code or computer equipment. Liana is not responsible for any damage, loss or change of information resulting from an unauthorized use of your email address and visa processing code or computer equipment.

B) Communications

All correspondence is carried out via email, including issuance of the visa authorization code. The applicant must submit a valid email in the application form and verify it. Upon submission, an email will be sent to you for verification. If you cannot see it, check your email’s spam folder in case it has been filtered my mistake. If you have not received this email, contact Liana for assistance as soon as possible. Liana is not responsible for technical problems leading to loss or delay in delivery.

By using this site and our services you give Liana your express permission to contact you via email, messaging, or other electronic or non-electronic forms of communication for all purposes including distribution of marketing and promotional materials.

C) Passport Validity

To obtain the Iran visa, the applicant’s passport must be valid for the next 6 months. It must also have 2 or more blank pages. Checking these requirements is the responsibility of the applicant. Liana is not responsible if the applicant fails to do so.

D) Visa Validity

Once the applicant receives the visa authorization code, they must immediately verify the information in it and notify the embassy or consulate in case of any discrepancies. The visa can then be collected at most 3 months after issuance from the embassy previously specified in the form. The applicant may enter Iran within 3 months from the date of issuance. Liana will not be held responsible for the applicant’s failure to follow any of the steps mentioned above.

E) Conduct

Upon entering the country, the applicant must observe all laws and regulations applicable to foreign nationals during their stay in the I.R. of Iran.